Video games are a huge success on mobile phones, and are becoming more and more popular. The appeal of mobile gaming is growing, so many successful console games are being adapted for play on your mobile phone.

Playing on mobile

Mobile phones, as the name suggests, can be taken with you anywhere. Nowadays, it's almost become an addiction to take your phone out when you're bored. And apart from when you go on social networks, you spend a lot of time playing games with them. There are a lot of mobile games that have been a huge success, such as Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, Angry Bird... These games had basic gameplay, no need for a controller and its countless buttons. You only need one finger to play it. Many game publishers saw the potential of these mobile video games and offered mobile phone versions of their games. In general, they have not been very successful.


Inside game consoles such as the PS4 or XBOX ONE for example, there are components that run the games. These components, and especially the processor, allow for high quality graphics rendering. The graphics of a game are a criterion not to be neglected for a gamer. However, mobile phones cannot be equipped with these powerful processors, resulting in low-quality or even mediocre graphics. For a game like Fifa, for example, the players are not recognizable as on a console. The players almost all look the same, you can only distinguish them by their name at the bottom of the screen.


The gameplay is also another strong argument. The gameplay is what limits or enlarges the freedom of a gamer during his game. This criterion is enormously limited on phones. To illustrate we can cite fighting games. On the console, you can make a lot of movements, an infinite number of attack combinations to knock your opponent down. This is made possible by the numerous keys on the joystick. This is not the case on a mobile phone, which only offers a touch screen. The gamer is then limited in his movements. Several publishers have proposed keys on the touch screen but the feeling is not comparable. Thus, video games adapted for mobile phones are not up to the level of their console counterparts. Video games specific to mobile phones have a unique feature. Just like those on consoles have a secret recipe, which makes the feeling when you play them have a special flavour.