Published on : 31 May 20202 min reading time

The year 2013 saw the launch of the heavyweights of the videogame world, the PS4 and Xbox One. And yet, these are well and truly coming to the end of the line and will have to give way next year to a new generation of game consoles that will swell the ranks with Nintendo’s Switch already well installed.

The PS5: self-proclaimed queen

Sony game consoles have always been a sure thing, and the PS4 is no exception. Sony promises that the upcoming PS5 will dazzle even more fans. The performances announced by the manufacturer: 8K image, ray tracing with 3D audio, a built-in 4K bluray player and backwards compatibility with PS4 games. The DualShock of the controllers will also be improved. We will have to wait until November 2020 to see the arrival of this car.

The Xbox One S All Digital: a console in the clouds

Cloud gaming is booming, and Microsoft jumps at the opportunity to offer gamers a 100% digital gaming console. The console will not include a disk drive. The games will be entirely dematerialized, available with backups in the cloud, which is Microsoft’s flagship argument. In terms of performance, the video will be slightly below the PS5 with an ultra HD resolution in 4K. But the HDR technology will bring graphical detail and an uncommon color palette. Microsoft also promises high-end spatial audio.

SNK and Panic: the outsiders

In the age of 16-bit consoles, SNK was struggling to make a place for itself. Today, however, this manufacturer’s consoles have a special status among gamers. A few months ago, SNK announced two successors to its legendary Neo Geo, soberly named Neo Geo 2 and 3. For the moment, little information has filtered out, except that they will not be retro consoles. In any case, arcade enthusiasts can be patient.

Panic, a critically and publicly successful video game publisher, is entering the game console market with the Playdate, a handheld console whose design is reminiscent of Nintendo’s legendary Gameboy. Its colourful look, black and white games and minimalism make it a real hype item. It will appeal especially to nomads, nostalgic thirty-somethings and neo-retro enthusiasts.