There are a few types of gaming chairs, and it is important to note their differences. Most of the best pro gamers and some of the biggest Twitch streamers use PC gaming chairs, but there are a few other types that might be more suitable for you. In this article, we introduce you to the different types of gaming chairs.

Gaming rocking chair

This type of play chair has no legs or wheels, it rests directly on the floor. This type of gaming chair is perfect for a console player who wants to sit down and relax. If you are a PC gamer, you should probably look for a different chair. Some of the rocking gamer chairs are full of incredible features. They come with built-in speakers, RCA stereo inputs, memory foam padding and much more. Some even come with a built-in wireless system that can be used to connect to other chairs for an unparalleled gaming experience. If your goal is to relax with a joystick in your hands, then a rocking game chair is what you need.

PC Game Chair

PC gaming chairs are very similar to the chairs you would find in an office, but the two are not comparable. PC gamer chairs are equipped with a lumbar cushion, armrests and a headrest. Some models are modelled on racing car models and can recline 180 degrees. These gamer chairs are very versatile and are designed to provide PC gamers with everything they need to play comfortably. The best thing about PC gaming chairs is that they can also provide you with the comfort you need for console gaming. Just lean back, grab your gamepad and enjoy.

Racer or playseat gaming chairs

Racer game chairs, as the name suggests, are created for fans of racing games. Some of these chairs come with a frame that you can use to attach a steering wheel, pedals and gear knob. But some models come directly with pedals, a gear knob and a steering wheel attached. Racer game chairs are designed for racing game fans, so we don't recommend them to a console or PC gamer. If you like racing simulations, there is no better choice for you.